Financing Sources and Real Estate Development in Kenya


Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development (JPID) Vol. 1 No.1 (2016)

Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development (JPID) is a peer reviewed journal published in both online and print version under IPRJB Journals. It has accredited information on healthcare issues, hunger education, violence, poverty reduction, investment, public perception and the cultural dynamics under the globalization and the and the industrial background, international development society and population sustainability.


  • Determinants of Saving Culture among Households in Kenya. A Survey of Working Population in Nairobi County
  • The Effect of Financing Sources on Real Estate Development in Kenya
  • The Impact of Collective Investment Schemes on Financial Inclusion in Kenya
  • The Role of Communication in the Disbursement of Youth Enterprise Development Fund: A Case Study of Nyeri Town Constituency Youth Enterprise Scheme (CYES)
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: IPRJB peer reviewed journals and books publishers
Authors: Sarah M. Momanyi, Joseph Mwathi, Peninah Kimani and Jinaro Paul Mburu
Pages: 126