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ISSN: 3005-4559 (Online)

DOI: 10.47604/ijmrm.

Impact Factor: 3.1

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International Journal of Modern Risk Management (IJMRM) is a distinguished and forward-thinking publication dedicated to advancing the field of risk management. IJMRM provides a comprehensive platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share their insights, methodologies, and discoveries in the domain of risk management. With a steadfast commitment to open access, streamlined article submission processes, rigorous peer review, and affordable academic journal publishing, IJMRM stands as a beacon of excellence in the academic publishing arena.

International Journal of Modern Risk Management champions open access to scholarly research, ensuring that valuable insights and discoveries in risk management are freely accessible to a global audience. As a preferred journal to publish a paper in the field of risk management, IJMRM welcomes researchers, authors, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds.

International Journal of Modern Risk Management upholds its commitment to academic rigor through a robust peer review process. Acknowledged and indexed in prestigious databases like Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, SCILIT, and Crossref, IJMRM is widely recognized as a prominent peer-reviewed academic journal publishing platform. Authors submitting their research papers for publication can have confidence in the comprehensive and impartial evaluation process.

International Journal of Modern Risk Management offers a streamlined and user-friendly manuscript submission process. Authors can rely on the journal’s comprehensive manuscript submission guidelines and meticulous manuscript preparation checklist to ensure that their work is well-prepared for publication. These resources facilitate a smooth and constructive submission experience. IJMRM acknowledges the urgency of disseminating research findings promptly. The journal expedites the publication process to minimize delays, allowing researchers to share their insights with the academic community swiftly. Furthermore, IJMRM is committed to affordability, with a nominal publication fee of only USD 150 for international journal publication.

International Journal of Modern Risk Management extends its support beyond publication by offering valuable academic publishing tips. These encompass all aspects of the publication journey, from manuscript editing and proofreading to addressing copyright and permissions, providing authors with the guidance needed for successful publishing. IJMRM is dedicated to scholarly publishing and aspires to make a significant contribution to the field of risk management. The journal seeks to publish research that leaves a substantial impact, making it the preferred choice for authors who wish to disseminate their work to a global audience. As a leading international academic publisher, IJMRM actively promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas across borders. The journal welcomes diverse research topics and encourages contributions from scholars worldwide, fostering a rich tapestry of global insights and perspectives.

International Journal of Modern Risk Management harnesses state-of-the-art online publishing platforms to enhance the accessibility and discoverability of published articles. This dedication to online journal publications ensures that the work of authors receives widespread visibility and contributes to the advancement of research in risk management.

In conclusion, the International Journal of Modern Risk Management (IJMRM) stands as a distinguished open-access journal that provides an accessible and efficient platform for researchers to submit and publish their research papers in the field of risk management. With its dedication to rigorous peer review, low-cost publication, and commitment to scholarly publishing, IJMRM is a valuable resource for scholars, practitioners, and academics seeking to share their work with the global academic community. It is the ideal choice for those looking to publish their research in reputable journals and make a significant contribution to the field of risk management. Visit Journal Site


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