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IPRJB is a leading book publisher globally operating in more than 150 countries. We have offices around the world. We determined to meet your publishing needs from wherever you are. We have authorized agents operating at local offices level for our clients’ convenience.

To publish with us, you need to submit both a word and a pdf copy of your book. The word copy will be for peer review purposes so that the review comments can be in track changes.

The process of  book publication & Publication fee  is as follows;

  1. We shall identify appropriate peer reviewers and send the book for review.
  2. Meanwhile, please  prepare a short summary   of what the book is all about -this will go to the cover page.
  3. We shall also require you to provide a clear passport sized photo to be attached at the back cover, together with a short bio.
  4. We shall share potential images that can be used for the front page and allocate an ISBN number accordingly.
  5. The preparation of front page and cover page will be undertaken simultaneously as the book is undergoing content and format review.
  6. The publication will be online and one hard copy will to be printed. Cost will depend on the number of pages.
  7. Extra hard copies will be printed on request and will need be paid for.
  8. Kindly facilitate the review and publication costs, by making a payment through “add to cart”  methods indicated under the website link.

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Book chapters

You are already aware that publication of research work in a peer-reviewed international journal has important value. At the same time publication of research work as a Book chapter in an Edited Book also has a significant importance in career progression. A research paper which has already been published in a journal can also be published as a Book Chapter in an expanded form. It is a completely legal and acceptable procedure in the academic world as guided by copyright laws CC-BY 4.0. Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0): permit users to copy, to create extracts, abstracts and new works from the article, to alter and revise the article, and to make commercial use of the article as long as the author is properly cited.

Here is what you should expect from IPRJB book chapter publishing as a book author:

  1. You will receive the ISBN, cover design, and the professional formatting of your work
  2. Your book will be listed on Amazon and other major online shops
  3. Royalties will be 30%  net of cost or 10% of sales whichever is greater
  4. You remain the copyright holder as indicated by Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0)

This is what is expected from the author: 

  1. Share the phone contact which is necessary for creation of an automated contract.
  2. The contract details derives obligations of both the publisher
  3. It also details how the royalties will be shared
  4. The cost of book chapter publishing is $250 and this will come with 3 complementary/free hardcopies.
  5.  For payments use the following link



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