International Journal of Economics (IJECON) Vol 6 No 1 (2021)

International Journal of Economics is a peer reviewed journal published by IPRJB. The journal is a primary outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics .These include but not limited to trade patterns ,commercial policy, international institution, exchange rates, open economy, macroeconomics, international finance, international factors mobility. The journal being of a higher factor is published both in printed and online version.


  • Tourism-Led Growth Hypothesis and Economic Growth in Kenya
  • Effect of External Debt Liability on Economic Growth in Kenya
  • The Motivational Effect of Oil Exploration in Somali and the Habitual African Resource Curse
  • The Latent Content Model of Economic Growth
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: IPRJB peer reviewed journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-752-92-2
Authors: Justin Yano, Samuel Mutinda Mbalu, Mahad Mohamed Sheik and Ntogwa Ng’habi Bundala
Pages: 140