Financial Markets


International Journal of Finance and Accounting Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)

International Journal of Finance and Accounting (IJFA) is a peer reviewed journal published by IPRJB. IJAF emphasize on the interdependency of accounting and finance reflects the increasing complexity of corporate financial management in recent years and verifies the importance of understanding accounting and finance from an international context. Being a high factor journal, IJAF reflects in both online and printed version.


  • Influence of Investor Behavior on Investment Choices among Equity Fund Managers of Listed Firms at Nairobi Securities Exchange-Kenya
  • Effect of Investment Diversification in Real Estate on the Financial Performance of Retirement Benefits Schemes in Kenya
  • Factors Limiting Credit Uptake among the Youth in Kenya
  • Impact of Financial Regulations on Market Liquidity in Germany
  • Exchange Rate Volatility and International Trade in Turkey
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: IPRJB peer reviewed journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-752-65-6
Authors: Evans Nyabuto Gekonde, Dominic Shukrani Kenga, Agnes Ayako Athiambo, Lukas Keller and Nurul Hidayah
Pages: 88