Communication Ethics


International Journal of Communication and Public Relation Vol. 8 No. 3 (2023)

International Journal of Communication and Public Relation (IJCPR) is a speedy reviewed journal and published by IPRJB. The journal contain vital insight information on public relations reviews that publish invited research on the field of public relations, mass communication, organization communication, public opinion formation, social science research and evaluation and public policy formation. In addition all contribution from the many discipline and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is communication study.


  • The Effect of Informed Consent in Communicating with PLHIV in Siaya, Kenya
  • Effective Health Communication and Required Competencies – the Case of Race and Gender Blindness in Major Online Health Information Sites
  • Reception or Deception?- Participants’ Disengagement during Teleconferencing in the Gambia Context
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies and Rebranding of Telkom Kenya
  • Disability Lense: Television Framing of Intellectual Disability and Inclusive Education Engagement in Kenya.
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: IPRJB peer reviewed journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-752-79-3
Authors: Benson Kairichi Marimba, Adekunle Morolake Omowumi (PhD), Faith Wanjiru Kamau and Jackline U. Lidubwi
Pages: 112