Journal of Livestock Policy is a prestigious journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers on various aspects of livestock policy, management, economics, and development. The journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders to share their insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the livestock sector. According to Google Scholar, there were more than 1.2 million articles published in the category of “Animal Science and Zoology” in 2020, compared to about 800,000 in 2010. This reflects the increasing importance and demand for research in this area. Similarly, the Journal of Livestock Policy has also grown steadily since its inception in 2016. It has published more than 100 articles in four volumes and eight issues so far, with an average of 25 articles per year. The journal has an impact factor of 3.0 and an ISSN of 2525-4685 (Online).

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One of the key factors that contributes to the success and recognition of Journal of Livestock Policy is its indexing in various reputable databases and search engines, such as Google Scholar, Crossref, EBSCOhost, and SCILIT. These platforms enable the journal to reach a wider audience and enhance its citation and dissemination. Moreover, the journal adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethics in its peer review process, which ensures that only the most rigorous and relevant papers are accepted for publication.

Journal of Livestock Policy has high-quality review process. The journal follows a full double-blind refereeing process that ensures the anonymity and fairness of the evaluation. The reviewers are experts in their respective fields and provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. The peer review process takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the complexity and quality of the manuscript.

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Additionally Journal of Livestock Policy is its customer responsiveness and satisfaction. The journal provides prompt and courteous communication with the authors throughout the submission and publication process. The journal also offers various payment methods that are convenient for the authors such as PayPal, PesaPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union and mobile banking. The publication fee is only USD 150, which is affordable compared to other journals in the same field. Moreover, the journal provides an e-certificate for each author and a DOI for each publication.

In conclusion, Journal of Livestock Policy from IPRJB is a reputable and reliable journal that publishes high-quality research on livestock issues. It has a fast and fair review process, a wide indexing coverage, a low publication fee and a high customer satisfaction. It is an ideal choice for researchers who want to disseminate their work to a global audience and contribute to the advancement of livestock science and policy.



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