The field of gender studies has been growing rapidly in the past decades, as more scholars and researchers explore the diverse and complex issues related to gender identity, expression, relations and roles. According to a study by Elsevier, the number of publications on gender studies increased by 263% from 2005 to 2015, and the share of gender-related research in the global output rose from 0.8% to 1.3%. Among the journals that contribute to this growth, International Journal of Gender Studies (IJGS) from IPRJB stands out as a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality articles on various aspects of gender studies.

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International Journal of Gender Studies is indexed by several reputable index engines, such as Google Scholar, Crossref, EBSCOhost and SCILIT. Indexing is important for enhancing the visibility, accessibility and impact of scholarly publications, as it helps researchers and readers to find relevant and reliable sources of information. IJGS also ensures the quality of its publications by following a rigorous and transparent peer review process, which takes between 2 weeks and 2 months. Peer review is essential for maintaining the academic standards and integrity of research, as it involves the evaluation and feedback of experts in the field.

In addition to quality, International Journal of Gender Studies also values speed and customer responsiveness in handling journal submissions and publications. Compared to other journals that may take several months or even years to publish accepted articles, IJGS publishes its issues biannually, in April and October. Moreover, IJGS provides excellent customer service to its authors, editors and reviewers, by responding promptly to their queries and requests. IJGS has been rated as the best journal in terms of customer responsiveness by many satisfied authors.

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Another benefit of publishing in International Journal of Gender Studies is that each author receives a publication e-certificate and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for their article. A publication e-certificate is a digital document that certifies the authorship and publication of an article. A DOI is a unique and persistent identifier that links to the online location of an article. Both of these features enhance the recognition and citation of the authors and their work.

Furthermore, publishing in International Journal of Gender Studies hosted by IPRJB JOURNALS is cost-friendly, as it charges only USD 150 per article. This fee covers the expenses of peer review, editing, proofreading, formatting, indexing and online hosting. There are also numerous payment methods that are convenient for the authors, such as PayPal, PesaPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union and mobile banking.

International Journal of Gender Studies is a journal that aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of gender studies in a global context. It welcomes submissions from scholars and researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds, who share a common interest in exploring gender issues from various perspectives. The ISSN of IJGS is 2789-7672 (Online).To submit your article or view the published articles, please visit the journal site at



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