Publishing an academic journal is crucial as it provides a forum for researchers to reveal their knowledge to other researcher in the same field globally. Many people are eager to learn new things in order to adjust their lives accordingly and this can only be done by sharing knowledge among professionals. Thus majority of scholars has embraced this to build on their career and make their field of study relevant.

Articles in an academic journal are written by experts and mainly based on their original work, analysis and the interpretation of the subject being addressed. Academic journals are regarded as a credible source of knowledge and it publish articles that are scientifically proved, written by scholars and are peer reviewed. Hence referred as instructional materials.

Publishing in an academic is highly recommended by institutions of higher learning by ensuring that their post graduate and PhD students publish their work online. This gives them to prove they are conversant with their field of study and share their knowledge to other academicians. Academic journals are known to have many citations and references that help to acquire a clear understanding of the subject of study.

Academic Journals are periodically issued by a scholarly body or an institution. IPRJB journals is accredited for publishing articles and academic reports. We offer quality services at an affordable price. We allow researchers to publish their journal at any given time their papers are ready for publishing. For researchers to publish in IPRJB journal, you can access our website via this link:

When publishing an academic paper, one should follow this steps:

a. Research your Publishing Options

It is important for you to explore and select a journal that matches the scope and best fit you research. This will enable you serve the targeted audience and this creates relevancy of your work. For example, the article is about human resource, publishing the journal in a leadership and governance journal will not meet the expected audience.

b. Draft your Article

Once you have chosen your journal, you can start drafting the paper in regards to the topic of your research so as to maximize the chances of the paper getting published.

c. Read the Instructions Given to Authors

Please read the essential information on what you need do before you submit your research work on the chosen journal. These includes the format guidelines, here in IPRJB journals we issue a format guideline via link: Please ensures that the editorial team have what it takes to consider your publication.

d. Make your Submission

Once you have done your research and written down your paper, please cross examine it to ensure it is ready for submission. Get to the journal submitting system and submit. In

IPRJB journals you can submit the paper via:

e. Peer Review Process

When the journal editor thinks that the paper is ready for publication, your paper will be sent to two reviewing experts in your field of research. The reviewers will write the recommendations on your paper and this feedback will help to improve your work.

f. Making Revisions

From the reviewers comment you will be required to make revisions of your article and then resubmit. Ensure you read through the paper and heed the review’s advice and make those changes.

g. You Article is Accepted

This where the production begins, your paper will be formatted according to the journals publishing standards. The paper will be published online and the links of your publication and a PDF copy will be shared. Also the publication certificate will be issued.

h. Promoting your Research Paper

Your article will be indexed in Google scholars where many scholars can find your work online.

To publish an academic journal in IPRJB, it costs a standard payment of 150 USD which is affordable to our esteemed researchers. You can pay make payment via pesapal, bank account or using the link that will be provided by IPRJB.



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