International Journal of Sociology (IJS) is a peer-reviewed journal published by International Peer Reviewed Journals and Books (IPRJB). The journal covers various topics in the field of sociology, such as culture, religion, gender, psychology, conflict, and communication. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers and scholars to share their insights and perspectives on social issues and phenomena. According to Google Scholar, the number of publications in sociology has increased steadily over the years, from about 1.2 million in 2010 to about 2.1 million in 2020. This shows the growing interest and relevance of sociology in the contemporary world. Among these publications, IJS has contributed significantly to the advancement of sociological knowledge and practice. The journal has published more than 300 articles since its inception in 2017, with an average of 50 articles per year. The journal has an impact factor of 3.2, which reflects its high quality and visibility.

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One of the features that distinguishes International Journal of Sociology from other journals is its indexing in various reputable databases and search engines, such as Google Scholar, Crossref, EBSCOhost, and SCILIT. These platforms enable the journal to reach a wider audience and increase its citation and recognition. Moreover, indexing also ensures that the journal adheres to the standards and ethics of academic publishing.

Another feature that makes International Journal of Sociology stand out is its quality review, speed, and customer responsiveness in handling journal submissions and publications. The journal follows a full double-blind peer review process that involves two independent reviewers who evaluate the papers for originality, validity, rigor, and relevance. The peer review process takes between two weeks and two months, depending on the complexity and quality of the papers. The journal also provides prompt feedback and support to the authors throughout the publication process. Compared to other journals that may take longer or have less communication with the authors, IJS offers a superior service that ensures customer satisfaction.

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Furthermore, International Journal of Sociology offers some benefits to the authors who publish in the journal, such as publication e-certificates and DOI numbers for each article. These benefits enhance the credibility and accessibility of the articles and acknowledge the authors’ contribution to the field of sociology. Additionally, IJS has a cost-friendly publication fee of USD 150, which is lower than many other journals in the same category. The journal also accepts various payment methods that are convenient to the authors, such as PayPal, Pesapal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union, and mobile banking.

In conclusion, International Journal of Sociology is a reputable and reliable journal that publishes high-quality articles in sociology. The journal has a strong presence and impact in the academic community and beyond. The journal also offers a fast and efficient publication process that meets the needs and expectations of the authors. By publishing in IJS, authors can benefit from its indexing, recognition, certificates, DOI numbers, and affordable fee. IJS is therefore an ideal choice for anyone who wants to publish their sociological research and contribute to the development of the discipline.



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