The International Journal of Modern Hospitality and Tourism (IJMHT) hosted by IPRJB journal is reputable and high-quality journal that publishes original and innovative research in the field of hospitality and tourism. The journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, experiences, and solutions to the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic and diverse industry. According to the latest data from Scopus, the number of publications in hospitality and tourism has increased significantly in the past decade, from 4,621 in 2010 to 11,254 in 2020, indicating a growing interest and demand for academic knowledge and practical applications in this area. The IJMHT has also witnessed a steady growth in its publications, from 12 articles in its inaugural issue in 2017 to 248 articles in its most recent issue in 2022. The journal covers a wide range of topics related to hospitality and tourism, such as marketing, management, sustainability, innovation, education, culture, ethics, and technology.

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International Journal of Modern Hospitality and Tourism hosted by IPRJB journal has high standard of indexing and visibility. The journal is indexed by several reputable and reliable databases, such as Google Scholar, Crossref, EBSCOhost, and SCILIT. These databases ensure that the journal’s articles are easily accessible and searchable by researchers, practitioners, students, and the general public. The journal also provides a digital object identifier (DOI) for each article, which enables permanent identification and citation of the published work.

Secondly, International Journal of Modern Hospitality and Tourism provides rigorous and efficient peer review process. The journal follows a double-blind peer review policy, which ensures that the articles are evaluated by at least two independent and qualified reviewers who are experts in their fields. The peer review process helps to maintain the quality, validity, and originality of the journal’s publications. The journal also strives to provide a fast and responsive service to its authors and reviewers. The average time from submission to first decision is between two weeks and two months, depending on the complexity and quality of the manuscript. This is much faster than some other journals in the same field, such as the International Journal of Hospitality Management, which takes an average of four months for the first decision. The IJMHT also offers a friendly and professional communication with its authors and reviewers throughout the publication process.

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Thirdly, International Journal of Modern Hospitality and Tourism also values its authors’ contributions and recognition. The journal provides an electronic certificate of publication to each author upon publication of their article. The certificate acknowledges the author’s achievement and can be used for academic or professional purposes. The journal also charges a reasonable publication fee of USD 150 per article, which covers the costs of editing, formatting, indexing, hosting, and archiving. The journal accepts various payment methods that are convenient to the authors, such as PayPal, Pesapal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union, and mobile banking.

The International Journal of Modern Hospitality and Tourism is one of the leading journals in hospitality and tourism from IPRJB journals. It has an international scope and audience, with authors and reviewers from different countries and regions. It has an ISSN number of 2789-5076 (Online). It welcomes submissions from researchers, practitioners, educators, students, and anyone who is interested in hospitality and tourism. By publishing in the IJMHT from IPRJB journals, you can enhance your academic profile, expand your network, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice in this important field.



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