Publishing Details for a book play a crucial role in ensuring its availability, credibility, and accessibility to a wide readership. IPRJB Journals is a leading publisher of academic books in various fields of study. They have a rigorous peer-review process and high-quality standards to ensure that your book meets the expectations of your readers and peers.

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One of the benefits of publishing with IPRJB Journals is that they assign an ISBN to your book, which is a unique identifier that helps with cataloging, distribution, and marketing. An ISBN also makes your book more visible and accessible to libraries, bookstores, and online platforms. According to the International ISBN Agency, there were over 2.6 million ISBNs assigned in 2019, indicating a growing demand for books worldwide. This ISBN enables libraries, bookstores, and readers to find and order your book with ease, boosting its visibility in the market.

Another benefit of publishing with IPRJB Journals is that they offer a low cost of USD 250 for publishing your book. This is a competitive price compared to other publishers, especially considering the quality and services that IPRJB Journals provides. You can save money and time by choosing IPRJB Journals as your publisher.

IPRJB Journals also has a strong network of distribution and marketing partners, including major online platforms such as Amazon. This means that your book will reach a wide and diverse audience, both locally and globally. You can also benefit from the exposure and recognition that IPRJB Journals has in the academic community. According to Scopus, IPRJB Journals published over 1,000 books in 2020, ranking among the top 10 publishers in terms of output.

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Publishing your book with IPRJB Journals is also a way to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and research in your field. IPRJB Journals publishes books that are relevant, innovative, and impactful. They also support open access publishing, which means that your book will be freely available online for anyone to read and cite. According to the Directory of Open Access Books, there were over 35,000 open access books in 2020, showing a positive trend for scholarly communication.

To publish your book with IPRJB Journals, you need to submit a proposal that includes the following information: title, abstract, keywords, table of contents, sample chapters, author biography, target audience, expected completion date, and any special requirements. You can find more details and guidelines on the IPRJB Journals website. Once you submit your proposal, you will receive feedback from the editorial team within four weeks.

IPRJB Journals is a trusted and reputable publisher that can help you achieve your publishing goals. By publishing your book with IPRJB Journals, you will enjoy the benefits of an ISBN, a low cost of USD 250, a wide distribution and marketing network, and an open access option. You will also join a community of scholars who are committed to excellence and innovation in their fields. Don’t hesitate to contact IPRJB Journals today and start your publishing journey.



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