Turning a collection of articles into a cohesive book is a remarkable journey that allows authors to share their expertise in a comprehensive manner. At IPRJB Journals, we offer a seamless process for authors to transform their articles into books, complete with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This ensures that your work gains the recognition it deserves as a published book.

One of the key advantages of choosing IPRJB Journals is our affordability. We understand the financial constraints that many authors face, which is why we offer this service at a low cost of just USD 250. This reasonable pricing enables authors to make their research accessible to a wider audience without breaking the bank. We are committed to supporting academic excellence and dissemination of knowledge, and our pricing reflects this commitment.

Once your book is published through IPRJB Journals, it gains the advantage of being marketed on major online platforms such as Amazon. This exposure helps your work reach a global audience, increasing its impact and readership. With the vast reach of Amazon and other online retailers, your book will find its way into the hands of interested readers and researchers from around the world.

At IPRJB Journals, we understand the importance of data and trends in academic publishing. We provide authors with insightful statistics that highlight trends related to their book’s readership and impact. These statistics can be invaluable for authors seeking to understand how their work is received and can guide future research efforts.

Converting articles into a book with IPRJB Journals is a straightforward process. Our experienced team assists author every step of the way, ensuring that the transition from articles to a book is smooth and efficient. We take pride in our commitment to quality and professionalism, and it reflects in the services we provide.

In conclusion, transforming articles into books with IPRJB Journals offers an affordable and effective way to share your research with a broader audience. With the inclusion of an ISBN, marketing on major online platforms, and access to valuable statistics, your work will have a lasting impact in the academic community and beyond. Choose IPRJB Journals for a seamless and rewarding publishing experience.



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