Legal Framework for Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change in Sudan



Climate change is an evolving phenomenon, its outcome is affecting the whole world, such a phenomenon requires international co-operation in order to create a unified front to combat climate change, by imposing national legislations in each state. The primary concern of this study is to analyze Sudanese legislations related to climate change in contrast with international treaties ratified by Sudan, for this purpose this study discusses rights, duties and statuses of compliances under such international treaties, by comparing Sudanese legislations with international climate change treaties. Furthermore, this study discusses the adverse effects felt by Sudan as a result of climate change, the measures of adaptation taken towards climate change, Sudan’s almost non existing contribution to climate change and most importantly Sudan’s potential for universal mitigation of climate change. The results of this study transpired that the universal adverse effect of climate change extends to Sudan environmentally, economically and socially; it also revealed that there is no vibrant expression of Sudanese legislations addressing the effect of climate change and hence, Sudanese legislation shall take effective action to adapt a comprehensive legal framework explicitly addressing mitigation and adaptations of climate change. Adoption of an explicit climate change legislation will help Sudan in adapting to the adverse effect of climate change and how Sudan’s national resources and agricultural lands can play a great role in universal mitigation of climate change.

Category Book
Publisher: IPRJB peer reviewed journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-752-78-6
Authors: Bashir Mohamed Elhassan Elamin
Pages: 44