About the Journal

The Journal of Conflict Management (JCM) is a scholarly publication by IPRJB Journals that aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to share and exchange their insights and experiences on conflict management. The scope of the journal covers various aspects of conflict management, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, dispute resolution, peacebuilding, and reconciliation. The journal is peer reviewed and open access, which means that anyone can access and read the articles without any fees. The journal is published monthly and has an ISSN number of 2710-396X (online) and a DOI prefix of 10.47604/jcm. The journal is indexed in several reputable databases, such as EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, SCILIT, Crossref, and ResearchGate. The journal has a fast and rigorous peer review process that takes between 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the quality and complexity of the submissions. The peer review process is double-blinded, which means that both the authors and the reviewers do not know each other's identities. The authors retain the copyright of their articles and can freely distribute them for non-commercial purposes. Each article is assigned a unique DOI that can be used to cite and link the article online.

Publishing in the Journal of Conflict Management (JCM) is beneficial for researchers and practitioners who want to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field of conflict management. By publishing in JCM, they can reach a wide and diverse audience of scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and students who are interested in learning from their findings and perspectives. They can also enhance their academic reputation and visibility by being part of a reputable and high-quality journal. Furthermore, they can support the mission of JCM to promote peace and harmony in the world by addressing the causes and consequences of conflicts and offering constructive solutions for their resolution.