Journal of Conflict Management <p>Journal of Conflict management(JCM) is a peer reviewed journal published by IPRJB .Published both online and printed version JCM provide researchers and scholars with the latest studies and theories on the causes of and solutions to the full range of human conflict .JCM also offers information on conflict between state and state ,but also explores variety of inter –group and interpersonal conflicts that may help in understanding problems of war and peace.</p> IPRJB en-US Journal of Conflict Management 2710-396X CONFLICT POLICING IN THE PASTORAL COMMUNITIES IN ISIOLO COUNTY <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> Isiolo is among north Eastern part of Kenya that has consistently experienced fatal conflicted clashes since 1990s. The effort to reduce these conflicts has remained unsustainable over years. Therefore, this study sought to assess the effectiveness of policing intervention in reducing armed violent conflict in Isiolo County.</p> <p><strong>Materials and Methods</strong>: This study was guided by two objectives seeking to assess effectiveness of policing interventions in reducing violent conflict in Isiolo boarder and investigate the factors for success or failure of policing intervention in address violent conflict in Isiolo. The study used content analysis research approach targeting, publication, police and security committee reports and secondary data from Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project. Data was analysed using quantitative research approach.</p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> The study found that the armed conflict/clashes in the region have not significantly reduced over the last three decade. The clashes are mainly caused by power struggle among the elites, weak social agreements; exclusion and marginalisation; Resource and environmental factors.&nbsp; The study concludes that use of conflict policing has low potential in reduction of crime in Isiolo region. The political interference, Kenya criminal justice, ethnic relations, Ethnic culture, corruption in the police sector and poor conditions and terms of service remain the major problem in the success of conflict policing in the region<strong>. </strong></p> <p><strong>Recommendations</strong>: The study recommends integration of programmes such as economic empowerment, control of illegal firearm trade in the region, disarming program to reduce weapons from civilians, reconciliation program among communities involved and cracking down gang leaders. Also, good remuneration of police officers manning the area will improve service delivery in the region.</p> Frederick Maelo Geoffrey Harris Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Conflict Management 2021-12-18 2021-12-18 2 1 1 13 10.47604/jcm.1431