Journal of Public Policy and Administration <p>Journal of Public Policy Administration (JPPA) is a speedy reviewed journal published by IPRJB .It aims to publish reviewed material within the broad field of public policy and administration, with its scope also including public &nbsp;administration, policy management ,organizational theory etc.JPPA has&nbsp; been published both online and printed version with high insight information for redirecting new directions.</p> en-US (Journal Admin) (Journal Support) Mon, 30 Nov 2020 10:26:04 +0300 OJS 60 HAVE PUBLIC DEBT LEVELS RESTRICTED ANTI-CORONAVIRUS FISCAL RESPONSES? EVIDENCE FROM EUROPE <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> This study was conducted to analyze the impact of public debt stock in 12 European countries on the size of primary<a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1">[1]</a> anti-coronavirus fiscal responses, and to explore the general characteristics of these packages in sample countries.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> The sample included only countries from the European Union due to homogeneity in economic standards and legal framework beside the availability of data. However, graphical representation along with regression anlaysis were performed, our key findings indicate a significant negative impact of public debt on the size of primary anti-coronavirus fiscal response and expect a second wave of government borrowing in the near term.</p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> However, this study sheded the light on public debt confirming the importance of maintaining reasonable levels, as a policy recommendation; governments in the European Union are advised to conduct more efforts to reduce public debt stocks and to adopt new effective public financial management rules to overcome the high debt dilemma, since countries with low debt stocks have initiated the largest packages among the sample.</p> <p><strong><em>Unique contribution to theory, practice and policy: </em></strong>The study recommends that employing data from different geographical areas and occasions to gather more evidence on this topic. Moreover, stimulus packages may be in effect for further periods. Therefore, a series of observations might be accumulated and utilized in panel data analysis to form a cogent evidence on this topic by future research efforts.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1">[1]</a> Primary fiscal responses are the first fiscal packages announced between the period between March-May 2020.</p> Mohammed Kalloub, Ahmed Musabeh, Koutibah Alrifai Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Public Policy and Administration Mon, 30 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0300 EFFECTS OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ON SUSTAINABILITY OF CONSTITUENCY DEVELOPMENT FUND SPORTS PROJECTS IN MWINGI WEST CONSTITUENCY, KITUI COUNTY <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> Mwingi West Constituency has been a beneficiary of this fund, particularly in the financing of sports projects which have also stalled hence the need to establish the factors contributing to the condition. This study investigated the effects of public participation on the sustainability of the CDF sports projects in Mwingi West Constituency.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> The study used descriptive research design and was conducted in Mwingi West Constituency where 101 respondents were sampled from a target population of 329 beneficiaries of CDF financed initiatives in the Constituency. Simple random sampling was utilized to get the required sample size which comprised of CDF project coordinators and managers. A questionnaire was designed, piloted, tested for reliability and validity and utilised to gather the required information. Statistical Package for Social Scientists (Version 22) was used in the data analysis process and the results were presented in tables and graphs.</p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> The data analysis indicated that Public participation was a very key factor in implementing sustainable CDF projects. It explained 73.1% (R square = 0.731) of the elements that affect sustainability of CDF funded sports projects in the area of study.</p> <p><strong>Unique contributions to theory, practice and policy:</strong> Public participation should be adhered to at all CDF sports project implementation processes. The government should provide adequate funds to the sports projects to fully achieve the intended goals. The researcher recommends that other similar studies should be carried out on other projects apart from sports to widen the scope of the effects of corporate governance on sustainable CDF projects. The findings of this study continue to demonstrate validity of the arguments of agency theory. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended that this theory may be used in future in similar studies as it provides some basic foundation of studying public participation and sustainability of public projects.</p> Gladys Kalekye Mukuri, Susan Njeri Wamitu, Dr. Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Public Policy and Administration Mon, 21 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0300